How to Promote your Business on Twitter

How to Promote your Business on Twitter

We all wish we had a million twitter or facebook followers, it would make things very easy. The key to success online is content, if you make your website interesting and engaging, people will keep coming back. The same rule applies to twitter, if you keep churning the same old rubbish out, you will keep getting the same poor results. You have to put effort into your account, or no one will ever listen to what you have to say. It can be difficult especially if your product does not allow you to be as creative as you would like.

For instance, if your company makes and sells nuts and bolts, you might think, how the heck am I going to make that interesting for people. It is a quandary, and the reason why many give up or just leave one or two tweets on their timeline. This is where you really need to put your salesman’s cap on. Just as they say in courses that are run to educate sales people, sell me this pen, in this case sell me the nuts and bolts, make them interesting. Give people facts, everyone loves a fact. Tell them how many nuts and bolts you make a year. Tell them how many nuts and bolts are in the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge, even better get people to guess the number. Give them a prize for guessing, if it helps to push your product more.

Not all conversation on twitter is about selling your product, speak to suppliers, speak to customers, have a little joke, it shows you are human and your company is real. Share images of your staff members, show the world who has been the employee of the month. In a sense treat it as your company news letter, so that everyone knows a little about your company or product.

Below are some other ideas and ways that will help to promote your account.

1. Optimize your Twitter bio Your bio is the first place that people look when they want to learn about you, so make sure that you are clear and concise about what you do. (For more tips about writing your bio, check out my blog post, 10 Twitter Bio Ideas from Top Social Media Experts.) Make sure that you use the keywords that you want to be found for by people searching for someone with your skills. Also, make sure that your bio includes a link to your company website or landing page. The best link to include is one pointing to your email opt-in offer where you can provide additional value and move your Twitter followers onto your email list.

2. Use the right hashtags When you use the right hashtags in your tweets, Twitter users who are searching for content on specific topics can find your tweets and potentially follow you. If you use the wrong hashtags, your Twitter marketing won’t be nearly as effective. Not sure which hashtags to use? Use Hashtagify to figure out what tweets are trending in your niche. You can also take a look at the hashtags that influencers in your niche are using and try some of those. Also, create a custom hashtag for your business that no one else is using. It will make all of your content instantly searchable.

3. Offer coupons and discount codes People are always looking for deals and Twitter users are no exception. Offer your followers promotional codes or coupons to encourage them to follow you and to give your products and services a try. Of course, make sure you’re using the right hashtags so that people who are searching for those great deals will be more likely to find the special offers.

4. Use image and videos Tweets with pictures get more retweets than those without. Period. If you’re trying to promote your business, using images with your tweets is the easiest way to get more eyeballs on your content. While it may be painful to think of creating images for one more social media platform, you do need to create images in the right size for Twitter. Images sized for Facebook or Instagram are actually less likely to be retweeted. Your Twitter images should be 600 x 300 pixels, or width 2:1 double the height. In addition to images, video are also a great way to promote your business on Twitter. Video sharing has been popular on other networks for years but until recently Twitter users had to upload videos through Vine. The new sharing feature lets you shoot and edit your video content before uploading it. Each video can be up to 30 seconds long. For some great ideas of how you can use video on Twitter, click here.

5. Promote your tweets One of the best ways to promote your business is to set up an ad with a specific message, otherwise known as a promoted tweet. If users search Twitter for a particular keyword, your tweet will show at the top of the search results. Have you tried any of these methods to promote your business on Twitter? Are there others that you would recommend? I would love to hear them! Share them in the comments below.

6. Follow Those In Your Industry It should go without saying, but some people often get wrapped up in the numbers game. They are too busy trying to get to 100,000 followers they forget, why they started twitter in the first place. To engage with like-minded people, who either do similar to you or those who are interested in your product. Also never be afraid to follow your competitor, I know a lot will not do this, why give away a follow to the enemy some often think. Yet it is better to know what they are doing than not, it also shows you are the bigger person by not playing silly childish games. Do you have any questions or tips you wish to share?

28th August 2015