How we Promote your Business on Twitter

How we Promote your Product On Twitter

We have been promoting products for many years, that is why we offer free and paid twitter promotions as part of the packages we offer. We have found that this benefits the customer in many ways. Firstly it helps to promote your product to more people than you may be able to reach with your own account. Also we know from experience that if a url is tweeted often enough by different accounts, google will place it slightly higher in its search engines than your competitor, especially if they do not use social networks often.

The backlinks given by twitter and virtually all social networks are NO-FOLLOW, this means that the google bot that indexes site, is told not to follow the link, it is not supposed to give link juice from the page the url resides on. A normal link is a DO-FOLLOW link and that passes link juice to the url it points at. This is the general rule, but it has been a noted fact that google takes note of those who are popular on social networks. In simple terms if your website is popular on social networks, google will give you an extra little bonus. After all it wants those who are active and popular at the top of its searches and not those websites that do not change for 10 years, or are not being shared across the internet.

Below we show you exactly how your product will be shown on twitter, a paid listing will get both these types of tweets. A free listing will only get one type. Twitter creates a card from your listing, to make an attractive advert.

Paid Listings Promoted on @PurpleAdverts and other twitter accounts in our network that match the genre of your business or product will look like this.

Free promotions on @EatMyAd look like this. Tweet will include excerpt from the bio of your company and a link to your listing on Purple Adverts.

27th August 2015