Twitter Marketing

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is a great tool for marketing your products if you know what you are doing unlike Facebook, when you send a tweet out, everyone of your followers can see the tweet. With Facebook there are settings that people can click that stops a variety of updates, meaning that only a percentage of followers will read your message. This can hinder any marketing campaign unless you know how to get around this. For this reason it is preferable to use Twitter to market your product unless you wish to pay Facebook to circulate your adverts. But do remember that Facebook also has a policy that stops you using too many words in an advert. This just makes it very difficult for the marketeer.

The first thing you have to understand with twitter, is your audience, who are you actually speaking to? Unless you have a million followers, the chances are that a lot of the time it can look like you are speaking just to yourself. This can become very boring, unless you have a strategy, it can become a hopeless task. Below is a chart that shows the percentages of people who use twitter from varying countries. If you are marketing people in the USA, Japan, France or the United Kingdom, you will fair better than say people trying to sell a product in South Africa.

Twitter Traffic


It does not mean to say that you are wasting your time if you live in a country like New Zealand, it just means that you will have to work that bit harder, especially if you can only sell your product to those who live in your country. Obviously it is easier for people to sell products if they live in the USA, but remember even though they have a bigger market with more customers, they also have more competition than other countries. So if it is possible for your company, it might pay to target a country with less competition in your field of business.


Once you understand the demographics a little bit better, you can take a look at who is actually reading your tweets. A lot depends on how you have gone about growing your account. There are many ways, you could follow dozens of people daily in your field of work, or you could follow people who are interested in your type of product. I would suggest that you do both. Following too many similar companies, will result in no sales, as you are only promoting yourself to your competitor. Though it is good to follow a few, and if they follow you back, your profile will be shown to their followers. Every so often you need to prune the people from your follow list who do not follow you back. Give them at least a month, as not everyone checks their account daily. What you are hoping for is a mix of similar companies and people who are interested in your product who you follow. A good ratio would be about 1000 follows to 10,000 followers. This can take some months if not years to achieve. The bigger you become the more your profile will be shown down the side on other peoples accounts. It is like starting a snowball effect. What you do not want, is to be following more people than follow you back. This can work for the first few weeks, but it does not look very professional, it makes you look desperate. If you get these basics right, you will begin to grow an account with followers who are from your catchment area, who like products similar to yours.

Followers are no use unless you have a message to tweet them. The big mistake you can make is to tweet similar messages all day long, that will start to look like spam after a while and people will unfollow you more easily than clicking one of your links. The best way is to mix it up, put a picture image on one day, an article the next, some interesting fact you have found the day after, and in-between, speak back to your followers, engage with them, show them that you are real.

bmwPeople love images, you will get 50% more views and clicks on links if you use quality images to promote your product or service. Twitter keeps changing image dimensions, but I recommend you use these two sizes, either 600px X 300px or 632px X 500px or alternatively make your image twice as wide as it is high. If you image has words on it, convert it to .png twitter and Facebook will reduce quality of all jpeg images, which means your words will show a a blur. This all looks very unprofessional, cheap and tacky. Something you do not want to come across as.

You cannot sell your product all day long, sometimes you need to backtrack and just think about your followers, put a poll on, ask them whether they prefer your product in black or white. Make a joke up, make fun of yourself. Don’t go over the top, but you have to learn to lighten up if you wish people to like you and what you stand for. No one is going to buy your boxes of chocolates, if you rubbish every other chocolate manufacturer on the planet, no one is going to buy from you if you get angry if someone makes a joke about you or your product. The main thing I am trying to express here is that you need to be able to diversify your strategy, you need to be consistent and you need to deliver quality. Just the same as any budding customer would hope to get from you as a seller.

Finally, make use of Hashtags, you may only have 200 followers, but if you use hashtags wisely, you have a chance of reaching thousands of people. Imagine that your product is the latest widescreen TV, if you want more people to find your product, you would use hashtags like #WidescreenTV or #SamsungTV or whatever brand it is. People search daily for products by using hashtags. A lot of people follow their favourite football team by searching for things like #LFC for Liverpool or #MUFC for Manchester United, you will often see fans talking about their teams and getting a lot of interest that they would not have normally got from their regular followers. Be inventive and you can make this work for you and your business or product. Do you have any questions or tips you wish to share?

12th February 2016