Ways to Promote your Business

Ways to promote a Business

There are many different ways of promoting your business, besides Purple Adverts. You can do it on line or off line or a combination of both. Much will depend on your budget and the time you have available. Choose as many options below as your time and budget allows. Test as many methods of marketing as you can and see what brings you best results. Marketing is not a one off exercise. You need to constantly work on it, fine-tune it, discard methods that are not working and implement new ones.

Newspaper and Magazine Advertising is still an excellent way to promote your business. Advantages of Newspaper Advertising is that it allows you to reach a huge number of people in a given geographic area. You have the flexibility in deciding the ad size and placement within the newspaper. Your ad can be as large as necessary to communicate as much of a story as you care to tell. Exposure to your ad is not limited; readers can go back to your message again and again if so desired. Free help in creating and producing ad copy is usually available. Quick turn-around helps your ad reflect the changing market conditions. The ad you decide to run today can be in your customers’ hands in one to two days. However, it is important that you adhere to the following tips, in order to ensure that the advert grabs the attention of the reader.

Newspaper & Magazine Adverts

  • The Headline is the advert for the advert – Without a great headline, great adverts often don’t even get read.
  • Location – Traditionally, apart from the front page, or back page, the best pages to be on are pages 3, 5, 7 and 9.
  • Words – The words that you write are essential to your adverts success. If your not confident enough to do it yourself and if budget allows, consider employing a professional to do this for you.

  • Pictures – A picture paints a thousand words and whilst it may not be totally true in today’s modern world it certainly is an important factor. More and more marketing and advertising is featuring the owner of the business. You just need to look at Virgin and ‘Bet Fred’ to note that they are using the owner of the business to advertise and market the company.

  • Maximisation – When you decide to spend money on newspaper or magazine advertising you must make the most of it. You must tell people on Twitter that you are in XYZ magazine. You must tell your LinkedIn contacts that you on are page three of ABC newspaper and you must take the article and add it to your website or blog or both.

Magazine Advertising allows for better targeting of audience, as you can choose magazine publications that cater to your specific audience or whose editorial content specializes in topics of interest to your audience. High reader involvement means that more attention will be paid to your advertisement. Better quality paper permits better colour reproduction and full-colour ads. The smaller page (generally 8 ½ by 11 inches) permits even small ads to stand out.

Billboards, Bus shelters & Free Space Advertising also know as transit advertising – placement of print ads on buses and other vehicles and in bus shelters and train stations. This is an important medium for reaching an audience of all ages, backgrounds and incomes. You are not just addressing riders with these ‘moving billboards’. You are reaching out to families and professionals in their vehicles, students shopping or right on campus, and tourists finding their way around town. You can’t ignore it. It can’t be turned off like television. It reaches drivers and passengers no matter what radio stations they’re listening to. They are large, colourful, innovative designs demand attention. You have exclusivity in your space. It delivers a varied audience. It offers flexibility of ad size and location.

Vehicle AdvertisingVehicle Graphics and Wraps are one of the fastest growing forms of advertisement because of – High Visibility: The graphics on your trucks, buses and vans are in constant motion and reach thousands of people everyday. Once you have created graphics on your vehicle they are visible 24/7 everywhere your vehicle goes including roads, parking lots, malls, restaurants, shopping centres, schools, etc. Vehicle Graphics and Wraps are an extremely cost-effective way to promote your business around town and across the country where your vehicles are on route. Once you’ve applied the graphics to your vehicles there is no monthly expense. You keep running your ads rent-free month after month.

TV, Radio and Media Advertising can be very popular. Despite criticism for high costs, advertisers have the best chance to reach a large audience through television. Reach is the total number of people exposed to your advertising message. Companies focused on generated brand awareness often have reach as a major objective. It is not uncommon for the most highly rated prime-time television shows to have 20 to 30 million viewers on a given night. Television also offers the greatest creative opportunity among the traditional media. It has visual elements like print and audio like radio, but it also has dynamic movement. Advertisers often try to tell stories within their ads that have an impact on the audience.

Book Directories such as the Trade Directories or the Yellow Pages offer old book form advertising, but it can be expensive. And, with your ad likely appearing along side your competitors’ ads, it’s imperative for your ad to be as compelling as you can make it. If done correctly, it can be effective for some, but not everyone. It’s often the first place that advertisers go before they try other things. You need your Business details in as many places as possible, so it is best not to neglect old forms of advertising, even if it does seem like everyone is online these days.

Business Cards have always been popular but in the day of social media and smartphones, it’s easier to connect than ever before. But there is one thing flashy technology hasn’t replaced: the good, old fashioned business card. Whether you’re a job seeker trying to network efficiently, or a small organization trying to expand, business cards are a must. Business cards can be purchased easily, and their benefits are vast. Here are a few examples why business cards are still relevant in 2015. We love convenience, and business cards offer a quick and easy way to exchange contact information with fellow professionals on the spot. Business cards are great for professional networking. If you’re on the job hunt, you have the ability to turn them into mini resumes by adding your expertise and a QR code linking your online resume or LinkedIn profile. If budget is on your mind, don’t worry! There are plenty of templates that allow you to make business cards yourself, and there are low-cost websites from which you can order them, too.

Celebrity EndorsementCelebrity Endorsements can get your product or service used by a celebrity and you are in big business. So is it possible to get your product, brand or business endorsed by a celebrity for free? Yes, or possibly! You simply send them a freebie! Having a celebrity associated with your product or service provides two very important things to your brand: aspiration and credibility. Many people aspire to ‘live like a celebrity’ and pour over magazines and celebrity publications that provide them with countless bits of information about what celebrities are wearing, what products they are using, where they are travelling, eating, shopping etc. This makes it very easy for the general public to mimic the lives of celebrities – and patronize the very same brands that celebrities are using. Some celebrities are known for answering emails on their websites, or answering tweets or Facebook questions. You never know what the response will be unless you try!

Search Engine Marketing is the practice of marketing a business using paid advertisements that appear on search engine results pages. Advertisers bid on keywords that users of services such as Google and Bing might enter when looking for certain products or services, which gives the advertiser the opportunity for their ads to appear alongside results for those search queries.

Search engine marketing’s greatest strength is that it offers advertisers the opportunity to put their ads in front of motivated customers who are ready to buy at the precise moment they’re ready to make a purchase. No other advertising medium can do this, which is why search engine marketing is so effective and such an amazingly powerful way to grow your business. Bing offer a free £50 voucher and equivalent in dollars if you are from the USA, unlike google, there is no need to pay money upfront. You account is credited from the start and you add money to the account after it is depleted like you would with a top-up phone.

Social NetworksSocial networks such as Facebook and Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn, to name but a few, are considered to be powerful arena’s for online marketing. They provide a direct and targeted way to communicate with the relevant audience, and they require less spending than more traditional marketing techniques. Facebook was designed to encourage people to interact. The ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ buttons are viewed more than 22 billion times a day, not only on the network itself but across millions of websites worldwide! With 15.8% of all ‘internet-minutes’ spent on Facebook, it’s clear that its users are on average more active than users of other social networks. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each social network and choose the most relevant ones for you.

Word of Mouth The oldest form of advertising. The number one reason people pick one product over another, or even pick up a product in the first place, is due to recommendations from people they know. In other words, through word of mouth. So how do you get positive word of mouth for your company? First of all, you cannot buy it. There are no tricks, but there is a challenge – You have to be really good at making your customers happy. Only those customers who are thrilled with the service they get will go out and tell their friends. Just being ok, isn’t good enough. Word of mouth is even more important now because of the web. Every customer has a megaphone, whether it’s through Yelp, Yahoo Answers or Amazon Reviews or forums. Now customers can connect with other customers and prospects over the Internet to find out who is good, and who isn’t. Establishing a reputation for quality, reliability, courtesy & trustworthiness will be the cornerstone of your business. Focus on those qualities and you will succeed. Do you have any questions or tips you wish to share?

10th September 2015